#4/ #8 Kahle hooks, or circle hooks are required to fish. You can remove the barbs if you like, but it's not required. Some do, some don't. Using the wrong hooks can kill the fish. People who kill fish for fun are not welcome.


We provide bait here. If you prefer to bring your own bait, it CANNOT be spray bait, punch bait, or bait from a non-natural water source. Using illegal bait will get you banned for life. It kills the fish.


We are a family-run, and family-oriented business. Unnecessary use of foul language will not be tolerated. There are children here every day. And they do not need to listen to bad language.


Fish are our friends. If a fish swallows a hook, just cut your line and we'll give you another hook. The fish are able to pass the hooks naturally. If we see anyone using the wrong hooks and they do not comply, they'll be asked to leave. 


During the tournaments, there is a 2-pole limit as long as there is enough room to allow 2 poles per fisher. If it gets too crowded, we will limit every fisher to 1 pole. You cannot use a bait pole in addition to your 2 poles. `That is an unfair advantage.


We sell bait. Come buy it in the store. There are some fishers who help us keep the pond stocked with bait fish of all sorts. They are the only fishers allowed to cast nets. If you have not brought us any fish since we acquired this business, keep your nets in your cars please.

Big Tournaments


*All the regular rules still apply*

Use the right hook, no illegal baits, make the Golden Rule your tournament rule. 

*Announcing the catches*

We don't always announce weigh-ins. We like the suspense, and the conversations that the cloud of secrecy creates. We're not here to put on a show and entertain our fishers, or make lots of loud noises that scare the fish. 

*One Pole to Rule Them All*

A hundred poles is too much line in the water! During big tournaments you are only allowed one pole. You can have a backup ready, but it must stay in your vehicle so there is no question whether it is in the water or not.

Side Lots

We don't mind side lots, side bets as long as they are disclosed and everyone has the opportunity to get in. This gives us the ability to have big money and little money in the tournaments. Not everyone can afford to put $100 toward a pot. 

*Start/ Finish times are set in stone*

There is no voting or changing tournament times; Period. Don't ask and we won't tell you "NO". That's our "don't ask don't tell" policy. 

No Refunds

If you break the rules, YOU FORFEIT EVERYTHING! Do not ask for a refund, do not make us get security to escort you out and certainly, do not force us to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights. We don't have time to call police in an immediate-risk situation. All matters will be resolved before police are alerted.