Hours of Operation

Clubhouse Closed Wednesdays

(Pond Maintenance Days

that may be noisy)

Open All Other Days 

9am to 9pm

Fishing Hours 7 Days a Week

November - March

6am - 10pm

April - October

6am - 10pm

Next Live Tournament HD Broadcast (May 16th, 2020 at 6PM)

Health, Families & Communities

Everything in life is built on families, and we are supporters of the family. Whether it's a business, a church, a foundation or ministry; it's made up of people; and people come from families. 

The people that come here, we want to make sure they know their WHOLE FAMILY is welcome, and we have things here that they will enjoy. We play games, have fun, teach children how to fish and thrive in the wilderness and experience the urban environment. We pride ourselves in bringing city folks to the farm-life. But we also bring the farm-life to the city with our aquaponics solutions designed for city-dwellers. 

We're no longer a "paylake". People stop in here from all over the world to see what we've got going on and we're looking forward to sharing our community with you. Come check us out!

Hemp, Music, Fishing & Firearms

You know they go hand-in-hand. Almost every fisher listens to music while they're fishing. We keep it family-friendly though. And we welcome all types of musicians here. 

And our FAVORITE fisher taught us to be fishers of men, too. We're not ashamed to call ourselves believers, or a "Christian-owned business" either. 

Our vision includes a firing range on the back acreage of the property. The stages and the firing range are still a work in progress.

Our Hemp Co-op